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  • Q:My relatives need hospital transfer for further treatment, which should I choose, the air transportation or land ambulance?

    The following factors will influence the choice of transport by land or air transportation: the severity of the patient, the distance to the destination, the budget of the plan, and so on. Air transportation is very suitable in some cases when the land transportation is very inconvenient. It is fast in speed, especially suitable for patients in critical condition and can not withstand long road transportation. Air transportation also subjects to matters such as weather change, air traffic control, and high expenses or other conditions, for instance, some patients can not afford changes in air pressure during air transportation. Comparably, land transportation is relatively low in cost, and less affected by weather change. The bed-to-bed transfer is more convenient. However, some cases do not allow distant land transportation. For specific circumstances, our medical team will need a careful evaluation and make a balanced decision.

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