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Yunnan Diqing brain injury case

On December 23rd 2006, we received a request of assistance and information from an insurance company. Evidently, a Hong Kong tourist encountered a severe traffic accident in Shangri-la, and was transferred to Diqing People’s Hospital. Our coordinating doctor immediately contacted the local hospital for diagnostic information: Severe brain injury, multiple sub-dural hematoma, with a right ulna fracture.  After admission to the hospital, the patient was treated to lower the inner cranial pressure or hematoma through a craniotomy operation in the emergency room; afterwards the patient remained in a state of moderate coma.  Each day, we contacted the local treating doctor twice to update on the patient’s condition, and found that his vital signs were unstable.  There was no sign of consciousness revival.  The insurance company and the family were extremely anxious.  The patient was in such a severe condition.  Diqing is remote, with inconvenient traffic, over 10 hours of vehicle distance from Kunming, and the patient was too unstable to tolerate land or air evacuation.  The race with time was to save the patient as soon as possible, We coordinated with our medical network in Kunming’s Yunnan Provincial Red Cross Hospital to send neurosurgery specialist to Diqing for consultation and guidance.  On the afternoon of December 25th the neurosurgery specialist from Kunming arrived at the ward in Diqing hospital to see the patient.  With concern and fear of the second large-area intracranial hemorrhage following the first operation, the specialist immediately conducted the second haematoma clearing operation.  Through continuous 5 days of monitoring and treatment, the condition was under control, and his vital signs returned to stable.  For further treatment, and through careful arrangement, we used an ICU ambulance to send the patient from Diqing Hospital to the neurosurgery department of Yunnan Provincial Red Cross Hospital on December 29th.  During hospitalization, he did not retain consciousness.  To be responsible, we also invited the neurosurgery specialist from Shanghai to Kunming for consultation.  After nearly a month of treatment, the patient recovered consciousness and entered into a state of drowsiness.  On January 26th under escort of medical team from Beijing, We arranged a commercial airline with stretcher position, low-flow oxygen on board to evacuate the patient to St Mary Hospital in HK for further rehabilitation.  The patient’s family, as well as the insurance company were highly satisfied and praised our service throughout this arduous case and ordeal.

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