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Road accident in Yushu of Jilin

A passenger coach owned by Harbin Kanghui International Travel Service Co. accidentally over turned in the city at Yushu of Jilin around 15:00 of Dec. 9th, 2011 while driving along Heda Road, leaving 2 dead and 38 injured. The passengers trapped on the coach came from a tourist group organized by a Hong Kong travel agency and 36 of them were Hong Konger. Our coordinating doctor headed for the scene immediately after receiving the alarm call from Hong Kong insurance company where they took all possible measures to conduct medical treatment, provided the necessary support and assistance in their power, carried out medical evaluation and expressed condolence and sympathy on behalf of the insurer to all casualties caused by this unfortunate incident. It was confirmed after evaluation that there were 34 slight injured and 2 seriously injured. The 2 seriously injured was safely transferred to The First Clinical College of Harbin Medical University where one of them took surgical procedure as emergency at night and the other one was under closed observation and treatment in ICU. The casualties were all anxious for returning Hong Kong after the incident. Confirming the 34 slight injured fitting to fly, our doctor team organized them in five groups and repatriated them back Hong Kong respectively by commercial flight under doctor escorts . For the 2 serious injured expressing going back Hong Kong as soon as they can, based on their medical condition, we organized a medical jet equipped with ICU equipments and escorted them back Hong Kong after their condition recovered to stabilization on Dec. 18th, 2012.  

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