In the rapid development of modern society, information and communication technologies have constantly promoted and deepened the movement of globalization. Economic activity and tourism has brought a wider range of crowd flow and migration between different ethnic and regional groups. When the diseases occurs in a relatively unfamiliar cultural and health care environment, how the migrants get the health services that meet their values? This becomes a challenge facing the health care services in the globe.

Beijing All Star Medical Technology Consulting Co., Ltd, founded in 2005, is a Beijing-based professional medical service provider specialized in medical technology and affairs consulting, medical consultation organizing and medical assistance service.

Our team is composed entirely of medical staffs. Grew up in China, we have a deep understanding of the Chinese characteristics health care system, that is closely linked with the Eastern culture, and also the western health care model that featured standards, rules and humanity. Having many years of experience in clinical medical services and assistance services, our medical team knows both well the Chinese and Western culture. We own a global sense of service, which ensures our customers quality assurance services. We form an extensive medical network links within China and the different regions on the world’s five continents, making our prompt and efficient service at low prices possible.

All Star also owns a variety of unique advantage of being able to establish a good, flexible working relationship with our customers. Since the establishment, All Star started to work with a number of multinational insurance companies and international aid groups. As our group clients, they have been compelling to use our services.